Ebook on Measurement-Base Care in Mental Health

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EHR Software Improves the Standards of Care for Patients

Learn how mental health-focused EHR software can improve collaboration between primary and mental health practitioners. 

EHR Software Can Help Reduce Healthcare Disparities

Learn how EHR system with a telehealth platform can improve access to patient information. 

EHR Software Benefits Hybrid Practices Through Improved Accuracy and Compliance with Regulations

Learn how to store, manage, and access sensitive medical information via a hybrid mental health practice.


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Mental health-focused EHR software can improve collaboration between primary and mental health practitioners by enabling them to see vital findings from other specialists. An EHR system can also enhance the coordination of care between different facets of behavioral health. Mental healthcare is a team sport, with therapists, nurses, and psychiatrists all working together in the patient’s best interest. This is especially important in a hybrid care practice, and a behavioral health EHR system facilitates this teamwork. When studying EHR software implementation in behavioral health settings, Jung et al. found that “[p]articipants were very satisfied with the enhanced interprofessional communication. As mental health involves collaboration from various clinicians, participants felt that better communication between members of the treatment team empowered [them] to work together toward the established goals.” An EHR system benefits patients by improving the coordination of care among all their service providers.

Automated Measurement Based Care


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